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Automate the Salesflow with Conference Marketing

NextBee’s powerful marketing software can be used to configure conference marketing campaigns that ‘clone’ your sales staff and automate the sales process. Among other things, messaging can be used for:

  • Lead Generation - new leads are enrolled and segmented to receive messages based on the conference by which they found you. Once enrolled, they will automatically be sent a sequence of messages - weekly, monthly, quarterly, it’s up to you - with information or promotions most relevant to them.
  • Long Term Sales - Nurture enterprise level sales or big ticket sales with automated follow-ups that are persistent and timely without being intrusive.
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling - After a sale, drip messages with customer satisfaction surveys, promotions on similar items, educational tools, or more to encourage repeat business and build customers for life.

Whatever your marketing goals, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will work closely with you from the start to design and implement a conference campaign tailored to your needs.

Nurturing prospects into sales-ready states, with no involvement from your sales teams, requires an adaptable solution that reacts to actions. Our technology can be configured to send different messages based on user’s responses to previous messages and feedback from your conference.

One example of an automated, rules based campaign could be: a visitor submits their email address and is sent a link to view an article about your conference. If they follow the link, then two weeks later they are sent a message asking them what they thought about the conference and an additional video, if they then watch the video you’ll know they’re a serious prospect and a message will be sent to schedule a demo or sales meeting. You can also setup raffles at your conferences, and as they submit a lead to you, they will be entered for a prize.

If at any point in the above flow, a user doesn’t opt in they can be directed into another drip flow and sent different messages - an eBook maybe, or a coupon. To avoid ever seeming pushy, or getting labeled as spam, you can set rules to have a prospect removed from the drip campaign if they don’t respond to a pre-set number of messages.

While an intelligent succession of dripped messages over email can monetize your conference attendee lists like never before, the same techniques can also be deployed across social media channels.

NextBee gives you the tools to nurture social media relationships and monetize your community wherever they may be. Build anticipation for a sale or event by dripping hints and invites to Facebook fans. Or automate messages to Twitter followers giving them a reason to stay engaged with your brand and visit your store regularly. You can even have referral registrations for attendees who are not completely bought-in but have friends who are. You can reward the attendee with cash commission, gift cards, and more.

Easy to Follow Metrics

Conference marketing is very useful in obtaining new attendees to your conferences and events, but also converting these attendees to leads and eventually sales. NextBee's best in class analytics software lets you monitor the effectiveness of your campaign every step of the way. Measure engagement, actions and sales with our admin dashboards, segment users and channels to view reports by:

  • Users in Attendance
  • Goals and conversions
  • Social Connections
  • Date Range
  • the list goes on...

If there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get if out to you right away.

With NextBee's conference marketing campaigns you'll feel like you've just hired a team of top sales professionals dedicated to providing personalized marketing to each and every customer. Better yet, your customers will notice your commitment to personal service too, and reward your efforts with increased sales and loyalty.

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